Ohio State Game Day Saturday

OSU 30    Illinois 0

It’s wet here in Ohio and most of the first half of this game was a soggy mess.    It wasn’t exciting, but it was a good, solid shutout.  Great way to open the Big Ten season.

A little Ohio State trivia…Actors Patricia Heaton, JK Simmons, and Melinda Kanakaredes all attended OSU.

So, how did your team do today?  Give us an update 🙂

Here are a few bloggers who left some love for their team last week…

Bonnie and Em shared in my Ohio State winning afterglow.

Staci is always rooting for Michigan State (as am I since my hubby is an alum) although they fell to the Irish.

Kathy’s Virginia Tech pulled a fast one and beat Nebraska.

Thoughts of Joy was Michigan Blue all the way.

And Harvee showed some appreciation for the Toledo Rockets even in their loss.

6 thoughts on “Ohio State Game Day Saturday

  1. Staci says:

    What crazy weather!!! Spartans didn’t fare so well today 😦

    My husband is still trying to recover. He keeps muttering “Basketball starts in a few months.”

  2. Thoughts of Joy says:

    We had another fantastic game!

    U of M – 36
    Indiana – 33

    Our defense didn’t seem very strong, but offense pulled it off again! 🙂

    GO BLUE!!!

    We play Indiana next week. Looks like it could be a real game!

  3. Em says:

    Well Indiana almost made me happy yesterday ha ha.. 🙂 GO BUCKS!!!!! I didn’t catch any of the game because I went to the Central Michigan vs. Akron game with my friend. Very rainy there as well. I attended MSU and I will be tailgating next week when they go up against that yucky other team from the state I reside in. GO White! Go Green!! 😉

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