The Rosy Rivalry Game

Ohio State University Buckeyes Rivalry Flag Banner ImageToday’s the day.  The Ohio State-Michigan football game.  It often the most important game of the Big Ten season because these two teams are always in the hunt for a championship.  But this year it’s a little different.  Ohio State has already secured the Big Ten Champions title for the 5th year in a row and we are headed to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 13 years!!!  Michigan has had a rough couple of years and a win today would give them bragging rights, a moral victory. 

I love this game, always the last game of the season, but I’m always a little sad too because that means that college football is coming to an end for another year.  Yes, the bowl games are a couples of days on non-stop football, but Ohio State has not been putting their best foot forward in the past few years, so the bowl game comes with trepidation.

So, here’s hoping for a Buckeye victory today.  Feel free to leave a little love for your favorite team.

Ohio State Game Day Saturday

Ohio State travels to Indiana to play at 7 pm tonight.  I thought instead of trivia I’d provide a clip of one of the best Ohio State football traditions, Script Ohio.  This is a favorite of anyone attending a game.  Enjoy.

My husband and Staci are very happy that Michigan State won in overtime 26-20 against their in-state rival Michigan (sorry Thoughts of Joy).

Kathy’s Virginia Tech wins against Duke.

Wordlily is cheering for Nebraska and Linda’s Cal Bears have a blogging cheerleader.

And Bonnie and Em will be waiting with me for the Ohio State-Indiana kickoff at 7pm.

What about your team?  Let us know how they did today.

Ohio State Game Day Saturday

OSU 30    Illinois 0

It’s wet here in Ohio and most of the first half of this game was a soggy mess.    It wasn’t exciting, but it was a good, solid shutout.  Great way to open the Big Ten season.

A little Ohio State trivia…Actors Patricia Heaton, JK Simmons, and Melinda Kanakaredes all attended OSU.

So, how did your team do today?  Give us an update 🙂

Here are a few bloggers who left some love for their team last week…

Bonnie and Em shared in my Ohio State winning afterglow.

Staci is always rooting for Michigan State (as am I since my hubby is an alum) although they fell to the Irish.

Kathy’s Virginia Tech pulled a fast one and beat Nebraska.

Thoughts of Joy was Michigan Blue all the way.

And Harvee showed some appreciation for the Toledo Rockets even in their loss.

Ohio State Game Day Saturday

I LOVE college football.  As a kid growing up just east of Columbus it was scarlet and gray all the way.  So, I am so happy football season is back.  I am still recovering from last week’s loss to USC, but I’m trying to let it go. 

 Today’s football score…OHIO STATE  38     TOLEDO  0

We looked pretty good.  Pryor has a great arm, now we’ll see if he can get a few more completions.  It was a happy game after last week.

A little Ohio state trivia…Goosebumps author R.L. Stine and author John Jakes both graduated from Ohio State.  As did 2 authors I’ve interviewed this year, Sherryl Woods and Rachel Hauck.

So how did your team do today?

A relaxing week at the lake followed by a heartbreaking football loss

We went to Kelley’s Island, Ohio on Monday with my parents for the week.  We love it there (more info here).  Here was the view from the deck of the condo we rented…ki view from deck

Kelley’s Island is a hidden gem in my opinion.  It’s only four miles across, but there are so many walking trails and even a small beach that it feels bigger when you explore.  This is the third time we’ve gone there and it won’t be the last.  Here are a few photos from around the small island…ki boatski me & jason on beach

ki sunsetSo after a peaceful week surrounded by Lake Erie we took the ferry back to the mainland and headed down to Columbus for a little football game.  I’m a Buckeye alum and I get two football tickets a year and lucked out getting these seats to the biggest game of the year, #3 at #8…osu-usc footballIt was so loud and the Bucks were leading with less than two minutes to go, but then something bad happened.  We lost.   It was a good game and I can’t believe I have any voice left.  It was great to be on campus again and I was thrilled that the crowd was as loud as they were the whole game.   We got back at 2:30 this morning. 

A great week with a not so great end.

Ohio State-Michigan Football

It’s THE day for Ohio State and Michigan football lovers.  It’s the game that always ends the season and it should be a cold and snowy one.  The Buckeyes are 22 1/2 point favorites and have won the last four years.  But Michigan could make it’s whole season with a win today. 

Michigan Wolverines-Ohio State Buckeyes
Teams Michigan Wolverines
Ohio State Buckeyes
Originated 1897
Series Michigan leads, 57-41-6
Most Recent Winner Ohio State
Trophy None
Team Ohio State Michigan
National Titles 7 11
Heisman Winners 7 3
Bowl Appearances 39 38
BCS Bowl Appearances 6 4
Rose Bowl Games 13 20
All-Americans 177 75
Big Ten Titles 32 42

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

OSU 20  Wisconsin 17

Last night we had 3 couples over to play cards, so I didn’t get to watch the game until there was about 5 minutes left in the game.  And I’m glad I got to see the last Ohio State drive.  I cannot say enough good things about our freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  He’s only going to get better.  And Beanie Wells was back in form rushing for 168 yards.  Ohio State snapped Wisconsin’s 16 game home winning streak.

OSU vs. Minnesota

OSU 34 Minnesota 21

True freshman Terrelle Pryor started the game.  He is already good and it’s a comfort to fans that he’ll be around awhile.

Beanie Wells was back!  Not up to par, but back for a solid game.

The game served as the kick-off for the 2008-09 Scarlet and Gray games, a program for Ohio State student-athletes to support each other at designated games throughout the year. The members of Ohio State’s varsity teams, comprising more than 850 athletes, were recognized on the field during halftime. Four spring 2008 Buckeye conference championship teams – women’s basketball, men’s lacrosse, men’s tennis and men’s volleyball – were recognized as well.

Ohio State vs. Troy

OSU 28 Troy 10

• Ohio State is 801-305-53 in its 119th season of play. The win total ranks fifth all-time in Division I college football. The only other schools to have 800 or more wins are Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas and Nebraska.

Terrelle Pryor made his first career start at quarterback Saturday, marking the first time a true freshman has started at QB for the Buckeyes since Art Schlichter in 1978. Pryor finished the game 10-for-16 for 139 yards and four touchdowns. He broke Schlichter’s freshman record of three touchdowns in a single game, set vs. Purdue Oct. 14, 1978.

• A crowd of 102,989 attended Saturday’s game. Crowds of more than 100,000 have seen the last 44 games at Ohio Stadium.

Ohio State vs. Ohio football

All I can say about Ohio State’s 26-14 win over Ohio University today is…I’m glad I attended last week instead of this one.  Yikes!  For those who were not watching, OSU was losing until the fourth quarter.  I would like to say ‘Bring on the Trojans’, but I think it may be foolish to taunt them 🙂