Vacation fun

We are home from Puerto Vallarta 🙂  It was a wonderful vacation.  Friends invited us to stay in their timeshare at the Grand Mayan.  This was the view that greeted us from our deck.


This is only toward the beach, so it doesn’t really do it justice, but there is no photo that can do that, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  The whole area is surrounded by mountains and it was beautiful.

We spent a lot of time circling the complex on the Lazy River on innertubes.  We decided we’d like one of these around our own yard 😉  This picture is of our friend Kate (she is 5 months pregnant), Jason, and Kate’s husband, Steve.


We did go into Old Town Puerto Vallarta.  I’ve seen photos of sand sculptures, but never in person.  This was the largest one.


Here’s one of Jason and me taking advantage of the sculptures.


Puerto Vallarta was a beautiful place, but we are also glad to be home.  We flew through Houston yesterday and they closed the airport for a bit due to weather, so we landed at another airport and sat there for awhile before flying back to Houston and then home.  We were supposed to land at 10:30 last night, but didn’t land until 2 AM this morning!  We did not get into bed until 3:30.  Maybe it’s time for a nap 😉

Thanks Steve and Kate for a wonderful vacation!

mexico-jk-sKate, Steve, & Jason

8 thoughts on “Vacation fun

  1. Margot says:

    What a beautiful place to relax and rest and have fun. Your pictures are so beautiful. I’m sure you have many more.

    I’m glad you are back. I missed your visits and comments on my blog. And I missed your quizzes. Welcome home.

  2. Dawn says:

    What a relaxing time you must have had! Were you able to read as you snaked around the lazy river? The sand sculpture is impressive …welcome back!

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