Favorite 100 Movies

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Okay, Jason and I have spent the last 10 years watching all of the movies on  AFI Top 100 Films list (the original version).  It was fun and made us see movies that we never would have watched otherwise.  We ranked them ourselves and it was great discussion starter.  For the most part we felt the same about the movies we loved or hated, it was the ones in the middle we disagreed on the most.  Anyway, so I decided now that we were done and I had my own ranked list of these highly esteemed movies thatI could come up with my own more pedestrian favorite movie list.

The movies are on here for different reasons.  Some are great movies, some are sentimental picks, and some I’ve seen more times than I can count.  You may also note I love romantic comedies 🙂 I’ll probably post more about movies in the future – maybe once a week.

The actresses that appeared most – Audrey Hepburn (5). Katherine Hepburn (4), Diane Keaton (3), Sandra Bullock (3), Molly Ringwald (3)

The actors – Cary Grant (6), Humphrey Bogart (5), Johnny Depp (4)

So here’s my list (now a page you can find on the top).  Have I forgotten about a good one?  Let me know.  I’m sure this list will change since I will remember movies and I will see more.  And, yes, I realize I am a compulsive list maker 🙂

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