Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too! by Laurie Dean, an Aunt Betty review

Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too!by Laurie Dean, Illustrator Kevin Collier, published 2008, 24 pages

Product Description
Cute and lovable Baron wants a best friend but in an effort to get his family’s attention, Baron’s lively antics take him in the wrong direction. After being whisked away to doggie school, Baron learns important lessons about behaving himself. But will he ever find the friendship his furry heart longs for?

Aunt Betty says

A dog truly is a man’s best friend and Billy’s too!  Opening our hearts to these loving animals, sharing warmth and love and our attention is a need of all dogs and this is conveyed well in the story. Baron wanted a best friend and he found one by being one himself. When Baron and Billy bond it gave this story a very happy ending!

Great for K-2nd grade

Do you want to know more about Baron and his human friends?  Visit his website,

My Aunt Betty has been an elementary school librarian for 24 years.  This is not surprising because she loves kids and kids appreciate her enthusiasm.  It is because of her that I enjoy a close relationship with my 7 cousins (later, 9).  She always had all of us over for sleepovers and other outings.  All 9 of us would cram into her Rabbit for trips around town.  You never see that anymore

I asked around for words to describe Aunt Betty and these are the words that came back the most…Happy, Caring, and Thoughtful.  As for me, my top three choices are Fun, Kind, and Full of Life.

4 thoughts on “Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too! by Laurie Dean, an Aunt Betty review

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Yay, Aunt Betty’s back. I think my son would have loved this book when he was young. We got a dog when he was in the 3rd grade and she definitely thinks she’s a person.

  2. Margot says:

    What an excellent suggestion for my youngest granddaughter. She is so in love with dogs but the townhouse where they live will not allow it. So, she has her big stuffed dog and her big sister takes her along to the library when she participates in the Read To The Dog program. I know she will love this book. Thanks Stacy and Aunt Betty.

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