FREE BOOKS for September

Be the first to leave a comment and I’ll get the book to you for FREE either by mail or personally if I’ll see you soon.  They are all in good shape and have been read once or twice.

Once you’ve ‘won’ the book I can get your shipping address if I need it.  Also, you can come back and get a free book every month if you want. 

1. Ricochet by Sandra Brown (hardcover book club copy) Brown is always reliable for a fast paced thriller  for Yessenia

2. When the Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman (paperback) the first of the Alex Delaware mystery series for Donstuff

3. Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg (paperback) Berg is one of my favorites for womens fiction for bermudaonion

4. Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (paperback) If you like romances you must read Phillips.  She’s one of my favorites.

Thanks for helping me make room for new books on my bookshelves.  Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “FREE BOOKS for September

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I am so tempted by Range of Motion, but my pile of books is so large that I haven’t had a chance to get to the book you sent me last month. I’m not complaining – this is a good problem to have.
    If you want to be further tempted, it is only a 264 page paperback. Let me know if you want me to stick it in the mail with the others.

  2. donstuff says:

    I’d be happy to take When the Bough Breaks off your hands if you still have it. I really enjoy reading Kellerman.
    I’ve made it a few books into the Delaware series and really enjoy them. I remember I also liked Butcher’s Theater by Kellerman.

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