My West Virginia weekend

Last night we arrived home at 10:30pm from a weekend in West Virginia to a dark house.  It seems that while we were enjoying beautiful weather Hurricane Ike moved all the way to Ohio and took out trees and power.  Lucky for us, it is back up.  Eight of us stayed in a cabin and the men went whitewater rafting while us two gals hiked, shopped, and took in the area by foot, car and boat.  It was more beautiful than I expected.

new river

We were having a wonderful Saturday until Ohio State lost (and that’s kind) to USC.  The campground showed the game outside on the big screen and there were many unhappy Buckeye fans that night. 

Since there were three guys in the car with me I chose comedy cds for some entertainment.  We listened to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour on the way down and the Blue Comedy Tour Rides Again on the way back home.Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White each took a turn entertaining us.  If you need to pass some time in a car full of guys these cds are a good choice, and I even got them from the library.  The second one was a little more mean spirited at times than the first, but still funny.