When A Man Loves A Woman, by La Connie Taylor-Jones

Cover ImageFinished 8-17-08, rating 3/5, romance, pub. 2008

Let me start by saying that I was sent this book to review for this blog.  I was curious to read it since I like romances.  This is most definitely a romance, but it was more than that.  Long after the romance had sorted itself out there was a mystery to be solved.

A.J. loved Vic and wanted nothing more that to spend the rest of his life married to her.  Vic was not willing to let her heart get broken again and resisted the urge to find love in his arms.  Their large families wanted them together as did A.J.’s twin daughters and A.J. was willing to use them to help his cause.  A car accident forced them into close quarters and into the middle of a police investigation.

This book has a lot to offer – A.J. is as close to perfect as a hero can get, Vic was a ‘hot’ size 14, there is a large cast of characters, and there is no shortage of action.  It was also wonderfully written.  That being said, some of these things were also a detriment.  I don’t trust a perfect man. Even in romance there should be no such thing.  And the extra storyline stemming from the car crash was a little too convenient and somewhat unbelievable. 

This was the second book written about the Baptiste family and I would recommend starting with the first one, When I’m With You.  Taylor-Jones plans to continue writing about this large family and another Baptiste brother in her next novel.  She is a talented author who received writing awards for her first book.  I don’t think that you will be bored or disappointed with this book.

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