Private Arrangements, by Sherry Thomas

Private ArrangementsPrivate Arrangements. Finished 5-24-08, rating 3.5/5, romance, pub. 2008

As a romance lover, historicals are my favorite.  When they are well done they can take your to a beautiful place full of chivalry and passion that is sometimes lost on modern day romances.  This was a wonderful historical romance that works because the characters were so real.

Why would a husband and wife in love part the day after their marriage and remain on separate continents for ten years?  Surprisingly, it is their flaws that make this romance more interesting than most.  Gigi is a forward woman used to getting what she wants any way that she can get it and she wants to marry a Duke.  Camden is a Duke in waiting whose heart is pledged to another, but who is falling in love with Gigi.

Fast forward ten years and Gigi is asking for a divorce so that she can marry a man who sees the best in her.  Camden goes back to England to confront his wife and offer his conditions for divorce.  The two are forced together and neither is complaining.

The secondary story of Gigi’s mother, Victoria, is a sweet one filled with a Duke of her own.  This is a great historical from a first time author.

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