My book problem

So, I just posted info on the upcoming book sale in Cleveland.  I have never seen a bookstore or or book sale (and some libraries) that I have not walked into.  I knew I had a book buying problem.  So, I decided it would be funny if I collected all the books that I have purchased, but not yet read, over the years and took a picture to show that I really did not need to attend another book sale.  Well, here it is.

That’s Max looking a little nervous that all those books might topple over on him!  So, instead of being funny, it made me a little sad that I had gotten this far behind 😦  I will go to the book sale this weekend, but I’m taking Jason to limit my craziness.  But, then I need to spend a few months reading through my backlog before buying anything new.

So, please, take a look at the different FREE books I offer every month.  I have already read them and need to pass them on.