March Movies and Money for Charity

Notice something about my March movies? They are all one word titles!!

In a comment, give me your 5 words (or less!) and earn $1 for charity. Once we get to $100 the person with the most reviews will choose the charity. Click here to see the past winners, the charities they chose and the other reviews you can add to. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time. Click here to see past movie posts.

We’re at $85 right now.  Your charity could be next 

Streaming – Jason and I finished season 3 of Emily in Paris. Love that show.

Joker, 2019 (Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy) Grade A

Mesmerizing, horrifying, & everyhing in between.

Moxie, 2021 (Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Lauren Tsai, Nico Hirago, Patrick Schwarzeneggar, Amy Poehler) Grade A-

High schoolers leading cultural change.

Solace, 2015 (Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell) Grade B+

Interesting serial killer thriller.

Nope, 2022 (Daniel Kaluuya, Kiki Palmer Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, Keith David) Grade B

Slow moving, unique alien discovery.

Creed III, 2022 (Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors, Phylicia Rashad) Grade B

Past catches up to Adonis.

Bliss, 2021 (Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson) Grade C


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