This Week – Paris is July Fail

This whole month has been something of a anxious mess for me and Paris in July had to be left behind for sanity’s sake. I’ll try and give it a go next year.

Gage finished his sixth, and final, week of camp, so it’s been a fun summer. I went to my yearly family weekend with 12 of my aunts and cousins for the first time since covid. We rented a B&B in Jeffersonville, Indiana and it was a great weekend, but also a bit stressful since I had to walk the fine line of having a blast and trying to make good covid choices. The time with the women of my family was much needed.

Tomorrow we start half days of homeschool and I still need to come up with our concrete schedule and activities. On Tuesday, I’ll work at our primary election so my mom will take over substitute teacher days two days in. I’ve been called for jury duty next week and the week after that we’re on vacation to Michigan. Today will be spent trying to figure out our school schedule in all that mess.

On to the books! I finished 17 books. Six adult books and 11 kids books with Gage or in preparation for school.

Gage and I started reading this series together and it’s my favorite book of the month. Why? Because Gage still looks at reading as a chore and this book actually had him looking forward to our reading time. The whole book is a foreshadowing of terrible things happening to three orphan siblings and my kid can’t resist a train wreck. We’re reading book 2 now.

Time is too short for more. Hopefully, calm will prevail this week. Has your July been crazy too?

8 thoughts on “This Week – Paris is July Fail

  1. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    I understand crazy months…we’ve had a few of those over the last year. Things are starting to calm down here, so I’m sending positive vibes your way for some calm there.

    Good luck on your upcoming school year, Stacy! I enjoyed the Series of Unfortunate Events books I read, and I’m glad you guys are enjoying the series, too.

  2. gulfsidemusing says:

    You’ve had a busy month! My Paris in July plans went awry this year, too, but there’s always next time. So glad Gage is enjoying The Series of Unfortunate Events… I read the entire series with my girls and we all loved them!

  3. kaysreadinglife says:

    You have had a busy time, Stacy. Good luck with the new school year and I’m glad you got to spend some time with family. Take care!

  4. Lesley says:

    Life sounds very busy for you right now! I hope it calms down soon. Jury duty can be fun or mentally taxing. Hope you have an easy case, if you’re selected. Paris in July was a fail for me, too. I only finished one of my books and gave up on three others. Oh, well. I’m pleased with my Summer Reading challenge, which is keeping me on track with reading from my own shelves. Hope you have a good week, Stacy!

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