This Week – Immersive Valentines

On Valentine’s Day I took my two loves to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. I went with my mom in December and knew that they would love it. If you have a chance to see it make sure you do.

Other highlights of the week – Two Gage doctor appointments, both with very different opinions. I’m currently on the fence and have a ton more research to do. Instead of doing that, I have cleaned our laundry room top to bottom and I’m exhausted, lol.

The board of our Friends of Library group welcomed 4 new board members on Monday and I successfully balanced the books for the month. Only 11 more months as treasurer (not that I’m counting or anything. I hate being in charge of this much money).

ETR phone meeting complete. IEP coming up on Tuesday. Sending positive energy my way for that would be appreciated. Since he’s a homeschool kid I’m not stressing too much because if I send him back to public school we have to redo the whole process anyway. It feels like wasted time that’s only going to stress me out. Have you had to be part of an IEP meeting? It’s a group of educators taking turns telling you what your child’s deficits are. Can it be useful? Yes. As a parent do I usually end up crying in the car after? Yes.

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Jason and I flew through season 2 of Discovery of Witches. Looking forward to the concluding third season.


We watched this with Gage since he liked the first one.

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I’m not sure, but the weather will be nice tomorrow so we’ll do something outside. What about you?

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