January favorites and February intentions

I’ve managed to keep my book a day streak alive! 31 books!

13 picture books
3 fiction
3 young adult
3 chapter books
2 non-fiction
2 contemporary romance
1 historical romance
1 thriller
1 historical fiction
1 kids graphic novel

Technically, I’ve read 13 more for Cybils Award judging, but since I can’t talk about them until judging is done and winners are announced, I’ll count them next month 🙂

My favorites

The Comfort Book
The Comfort Book by Mark Haig. I talked about it here.
The Siren of Sussex (Belles of London, #1)
The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews. I talked about it here.
Kelley Armstong’s Darkness Rising trilogy. I talked about it here.
Just Haven't Met You Yet
Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens. I haven’t even done any kind of review and to preserve my sanity this will have to serve as a recommendation. It’s a quirky, modern British romcom. I listened to this one and thought the meet cute aspect of it really worked. It delved into serious parent issues without ever feeling weighed down or losing its spark.
Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters
Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama. Since I read so many picture books I should share my favorite one! I talked about it here.

Last February I read a book by an African American author every day for Black History Month. I found new authors I fell in love with, Jesmyn Ward, August Wilson, Beverly Jenkins, Octavia Butler…the list goes on.

So, I chose books from last year discoveries, plus a Toni Morrison, that I’m going to try and get to this month. In January I read 6 of the 8 I selected at the beginning of the month so we’ll see how I do with this 9.

I started by reading Jesmyn Ward’s Tulane graduation speech turned into the book Navigate Your Stars. It’s an inspirational story of her growing up believing that college meant success. What she found was that hard work and persistence led to success and that a college degree was no golden ticket. There was also personal reflection on how we often judge people and the circumstances they find themselves in and how this view can change over time if we make the effort to continue to grow. The illustrations were gorgeous. A great gift for graduates at any level.

6 thoughts on “January favorites and February intentions

  1. Diane says:

    Stacy, you rock! I can’t believe the pace and variety of books that you have been reading. I did not read and picture book/kids books in January but, I have a few new ones I hope to read in February. Hope February is a good month for you.

    All this new book banning in schools is making me crazy when I hear about it on the news, If I was a young mom I would be livid – it’s out-of-control IMO.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’m trying. Homeschooling has added more kids reading for sure. Book banning is terrible in any way, shape, or form. So is banning race discussions. Gage and I read a book and watched a video today that for sure would have gotten me fired from some classrooms in those places that don’t want to make people uncomfortable. The discussion was so important. The banning of those learning opportunities makes me just as mad as removing books from curriculums or libraries.

  2. Gofita says:

    I read Children of Blood and Bone a couple of years ago and decided to wait and read the other two books in the trilogy once the final one comes out. I loved it! Beautiful story. I think the last one comes out next summer!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      That’s a good idea! I like it when I can read somewhat close together, otherwise I forget important details. I like the idea of a recap at the beginning of these trilogies that reminds us what happening previously in the series. Like they do on tv!

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