August Wrap Up and Favorites

A few days late, but I’m here. In August I read a total of 37 books and watched 3 bookish movies.

10-kids picture books (non-fiction)

6-adult fiction


5-kids picture books (fiction)


3-kids fiction

3-adult non-fiction

1- poetry

1-kids graphic memoir

Here are the few since my last update…

In Good Company Flora finds her husband’s first wedding ring, in the bottom of a file cabinet, a ring he had supposedly lost in a Lake years ago. What follows is the past and present lives of two couples and one daughter, each getting a chance to show their perspective.

I listened to the whole thing so it was at least that good, but I had a difficult time caring about any of the characters, except maybe the daughter. And the story, the way that it jumped around,didn’t help me get invested. I thought the end was well done. If you like books about complicated marriages (aren’t they all?) then this will probably appeal to you.
We watched Sarah’s Key, based on the bestselling book that I finally read last month. Alternating between 1942 and 2002 Paris it explores the French roundup of its Jewish citizens during WWII. I thought both the book and movie were good and I always like seeing Aidan Quinn onscreen 🙂

My book of the day is also one of my favorite books of August (the others are shown). Just Last Night looks like a cute romance from the cover. But even though there is some romance, this is more about friendship and loss and coming through stronger. It was not at all what I expected and I loved it! But beware I shed a tear or two in the middle.


Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

What was your favorite read of August?

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8 thoughts on “August Wrap Up and Favorites

  1. Diane says:

    Another great month Stacy! Good Company has been on my TBR yet, I’ve stalled as I didn’t love her previous book. Yes, all marriages are complicated, each in their own way – I’m experienced here LOL

  2. Les in OR says:

    Aidan Quinn is very easy on the eyes. 🙂 I’m eager to read The Last Thing He Told Me and am glad it was a winner for you. My favorite read in August was House Rules by Jodi Picoult, although Writers & Lovers by Lily King was also very good.

  3. Literary Feline says:

    I didn’t know Sarah’s Key made it onto the screen. I still haven’t read the book. I need to get to both. I don’t know that I had a favorite book read in August. The Charm Offensive was a lot of fun, so maybe I would go with that one. I hope you have a great September!

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