Paris in July begins

I like months where I try to refine my reading list, so I was happy to be reminded of Thyme for Tea’s Paris in July. I looked through my to-be-read stacks, placed a bunch of books on hold at the library (some I’m still waiting for), bought a few Paris puzzles, and bought some French wine. I’m all in! I’ll be including pictures of our Paris trip 11 years ago, some postcards I’ve received and who knows what else I’ll find around here!

In my head this was going to look like the Eiffel Tower. Clearly, it needs some refinement, but that can’t be helped now 🙂

My current stack of possible reading .

My first choice was the one in the middle, To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin. Beginning in 1887 as the Eiffel Tower was being erected, it’s a love story. Although fiction, one main character is loosely based on a real person Emile Nouguier, one of the engineers working on the tower. Cait, a widow from Scotland, is in the city as a companion to a wealthy (and annoying) brother and sister. Emile would be a great catch for the sister, but it’s Emile and Cait who share sparks. The two were from very different social classes and at the time that made it impossible to see a future together. I liked the description of the city and the building of the tower, both of which were as much a part of the story as anything else. I can’t say I loved the book, but did at least love the last chapter set a few years into the future, as it gave the hope and light that the rest of the book was missing.

If you have a book or movie to recommend for this month, let me know 🙂

19 thoughts on “Paris in July begins

  1. Mary says:

    I read The Paris Library earlier this year and enjoyed it. Good luck with your selections. For what its worth I think your Eiffel Tower of books is great!

  2. Mae Sander says:

    My reading goal is to find books that were written by French people in French, to learn how French people think about the city, the food, and life as it’s lived there. Another Paris exists in the imagination of writers and visitors from elsewhere, but I want to know the French insider point of view. Zola is my current interest even though it’s 150 years since the first volume of his amazing series on life in Paris and other parts of France.

    best…mae at

    best… mae at

  3. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    Love the Eiffel Tower of books. We’ve had our son and his family staying with us, and I’ve found it’s not easy to read when you have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old with you. Paris in July is starting a little slow.

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