And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

And Now She's Gone

And Now She’s Gone. Finished 12-17-20, 3.75/5 stars, thriller, 384 pages, pub. 2020.

Isabel Lincoln is gone.

But is she missing?

It’s up to Grayson Sykes to find her. Although she is reluctant to track down a woman who may not want to be found, Gray’s search for Isabel Lincoln becomes more complicated and dangerous with every new revelation about the woman’s secrets and the truth she’s hidden from her friends and family.

Featuring two complicated women in a dangerous cat and mouse game, And Now She’s Gone explores the nature of secrets — and how violence and fear can lead you to abandon everything in order to survive.

(from Goodreads)

The story is confusing for awhile, but I don’t mind that in a thriller since it keeps me on my toes. I had faith that everything would become clear when it needed to be and it was. There is A LOT going on in this one, much of it stemming from or related to domestic violence, for much of the book, so this is counterprogramming for all of Hallmark movie binging I’ve been doing lately 🙂

There are many twists and turns so the less said about them the better. Gray, the woman who gets her first private detective case, is an interesting character with a complicated past that provides as much of the story as the missing Isabel does. It kept me reading late into the night.