November Movies and Money for Charity

November was an okay tv watching month, but not so great with the movies (unless you count the dozen of Hallmark movies I watched 😉 ). We finished up The Great British Baking Show. We loved the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. We FINALLY watched the last season of Game of Thrones. And although we are super late to the party we’ve watched a handful of Schitt’s Creek episodes and look forward to more.

You know the drill, add your 5 words (or less!) to mine in a comment and earn $1 for charity. Once we get to $100 the person with the most reviews will choose the charity. Click here to see the past winners, the charities they chose and the other reviews you can add to. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time.

We’re at $55 right now.  Your charity could be next 

Carrie Pilby (film).jpg

Carrie Pilby, 2017 (Bel Powley, Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne, Jason Ritter, William Moseley, Vanessa Bayer, Colin O’Donoghue) Grade B+

Quirky and heartfelt done right.

5 thoughts on “November Movies and Money for Charity

  1. Gofita says:

    I have not even heard of that one. Schitt’s Creek. I was late to the party too. But I finished it up over Thanksgiving break and cried my little eyes out. Such a great show. Watched the first episode of Queen’s Gambit and look forward to more. Yup to the Great British Baking Show. Now the holiday edition is on and I just binged the American version from last year while I’ve been crocheting gifts like crazy! My hands hurt…lol

    I recommend the Undoing if you enjoy awesome whodunit thrillers. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are phenomenal as always in it.

    Hulu has Happiest Season and that’s fantastic!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I really need to learn a new skill with all this time at home! All I’ve learned is how to survive on very little alone time and it hasn’t been easy. Crochet would be way more productive! We haven’t watched the holiday Baking Show yet, but I’m sure we will. I got Gage the Bear Gryllis books and now he and Jason have started watching the old shows and he’s addicted.
      I love Hugh Grant so I’ll have to watch Undoing. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Gofita says:

        Crocheting has been a lifesaver this year! I hope you get to the Undoing. It was fantastic. I’ll have to check out those Bear Gryllis books.

  2. Les in OR says:

    Like you, we just finished the final season of Game of Thrones. Very good, although that last episode was a bit anticlimactic. We loved The Queen’s Gambit and just finished The Undoing, which was very intense and very good. Now, back to The Crown.

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