This Week – The year that keeps on giving

Fave pic IMG_5312 (2) Gage, who in the past has not shown any preference for how his hair is cut or even what clothes he wears, has been adamant that we not cut his hair.  I think he had a haircut in January and my mom tricked him into trimming his bangs a few months ago.  I’m just so happy to see that he cares about it to let it go for now.  We were cuddling when I traded my pony tail for his. He was not impressed.  His hair, “likes to be free.”  lol

Highlights of the week  I sent my homeschool paperwork into the school district and now we just wait to hear if there’s anything else they need.  Each state is different, but in Ohio it’s just a letter of intent and an intended curriculum.  As a first timer who is not using an established online school, the curriculum was a little intimidating.  I’d like to do a post a week on our homeschooling journey so I’ll save the details for that.

Could’ve been better  Gage pointed out a bump in his groin area last weekend as as soon as I saw it I knew it was a hernia.  Jason had his a few years ago, but his was near his belly button.  So, the virtual visit with the pediatrician confirmed it and said to find  pediatric surgeon 😦   I found the one we wanted and we can’t get a consult until August 31st.  So, I’ll have to keep an eye on it because we may not be able to wait that long.

Books finished The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life Title: Megabat and Fancy Cat, Author: Anna Humphrey

Reviews posted Title: The Homeschooling Option: How to Decide When It's Right for Your Family, Author: L. Rivero review  Salvation Station review

Currently reading Title: Home Learning Year by Year, Revised and Updated: How to Design a Creative and Comprehensive Homeschool Curriculum, Author: Rebecca Rupp

Currently listening Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, #13)

In the mail  Title: Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, Author: Bryan Stevenson Title: Feels Like Falling, Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey

On the TV We finished up the Polish miniseries based on Harlan Coben’s book The Woods.

Plans for the weekend Some nature walks and we’re going to try Ticket to Ride Rails and Sails for the first time.  We’ve been playing the easier side, the Great Lakes, but the world side looks much more intimidating with additional rules.  We are headed to our friend’s home tomorrow.  They have a big pool and Gage needs some fun time with a friend, even if we are going to be sticklers about the social distancing.


19 thoughts on “This Week – The year that keeps on giving

  1. Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    I still want to watch The Woods! Thanks for reminding me!

    I hear your heart through your mail… I wish you lived in South Africa and close to our little coastal town. We have an amazing program that we follow at the moment, especially for kids that need that one on one attention. It works soooo good. Finding the right home or online school is no easy task. Good luck!

    Hope you take care of yourself and take some me-time as well. Luckily you know that books are the perfect escape and comfort!

    Have a good week and here’s my The Sunday Post

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Thanks for the support! Gage was fine in his private school. They had a smaller class size, 16 kids with 2 teacher. He doesn’t need one on one but I do think he’ll benefit from it. I’m guessing homeschooling will leave me with way less ‘me’ time, but that’s okay. Luckily his dad is working from home, so I can sneak out when Gage is doing computer work 😉

  2. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan says:

    I hope you have fun while following the social distancing at your friend’s place. I like Coben’s books so I might give the mini series a try. Stay safe!

  3. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    I hope all goes well with the hernia. I’m glad it is not bothering him, and it’s good you will be able to resolve it in the near future.

    You will have a fun adventure with schooling. I was reading on how homeschooling might look this fall, and I see that some people are going to try to create little safe pods for group activities that can be done together safely outdoors. I like all of your research. I’ve followed the homeschooling online of a woman who used to teach with me. She left the classroom when she was pregnant with her second child, and she has homeschooled all four of her children for many years now. The children seem to be allowed to follow their own leanings (to a certain extent) and that seems to work well for her.

    Just Mercy is such a good story.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I will try to find a homeschool group within the first few months, but they all say that it’s not something to do as you’re starting out. I think I need to find my groove first. It helps that his best buddy is doing virtual so they can maybe spend more time together, eventually! We’ll see, this whole process is a work in progress 🙂

  4. Gluten Free A-Z says:

    Thanks for the mention about The Woods- I’m looking for a new series. We had a backyard picnic at my son’s home for his birthday. Surprisingly , despite 90 degree weather, it was nice and cool under the trees in the shade. I guess there will be more people homeschooling this year.

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