The Homeschooling Option by Lisa Rivero

Title: The Homeschooling Option: How to Decide When It's Right for Your Family, Author: L. Rivero The Homeschooling Option.  Finished 7-18-20, 4.5/5, homeschool reference, 225 pages, pub. 2008

In this accessible and honest look at homeschooling, Lisa Rivero explores the diverse faces of homeschooled students and the ways in which it can help children with special learning needs. She corrects misconceptions through profiles of diverse families and addresses the changing and complex needs of children today. This book addresses the major questions parents are bound to have as they consider this option: socialization, curriculum, special needs arrangements, resources, and more.   from Goodreads

This book was a nice introduction to the concept of homeschooling.  It spoke directly to many of my concerns about socialization since Rivero and her husband taught their  only son at home (while they both had jobs for many of  the years).  It addressed the many different ways that parents use to teach their children and how there is no right way, only a right way for you.  It also offered a few resource lists, one of the books I ordered right away and feel much more confident because of it (Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Creative and Comprehensive Homeschool Curriculum by Rebecca Rupp).  There was a chapter on special needs and one showing you how to find the different rules of each state.  While every parent in every state is allowed to teach their child at home, each state has different requirements.  For Ohio you have to send a letter to the superintendent informing him and include an intended curriculum and source material.  I sent my letter and curriculum outline in yesterday.  They have two weeks to respond if they need additional information.  Fingers crossed I provided all that was required.

A good starting point if you are considering homeschooling in this crazy year.