Let’s talk about Marianne

Any horror fans out there?  For some reason Jason and I have been drawn to them this past year, at least the series that run on Netflix.  We binged our way through The Haunting Of Hill House and recently made our way through the eight episode French horror series, Marianne, even quicker.  It’s not often that scary movies disturb me or disrupt my sleep, but for a few nights this woman did.

 In this scene she is taking teeth out of her mouth to wrap in some skin to send to Emma, a young bestselling author who has been making millions by writing about her extraordinary  experiences growing up in the small village of Elden.

Elden is not nice place.  When Emma returns it’s hard to know why so many of her childhood friends had stayed.  Emma herself is an outcast even though she’s earned much fame.  As her story unfolds you start to see the other side to the demanding, independent young woman and you start to root for her making it through Marianne’s antics.  Marianne is a very old witch.

We watched it because Stephen King recommended it and he wasn’t wrong.  The series was edge of your seat tense.  I thought the first half of the series was quite a bit better than the last few episodes, but if they come around for another season, I’m in!

Have you seen it?  Any other binge-worthy shows that you’ve seen lately?

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Marianne

  1. Diane says:

    I’m not big into horror these days but, when you mentioned Netflix, I recently binge- watched a series called Dead To Me, which was awesome – dark yet dead pan humor as well. Try it. Hoping for a season 2.

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