Sundays with Gage – Gerald McDermott

IMG_0062Gage is reading at grade level, but it is still a big struggle for him.  As most second graders are reading chapter books, Gage is finally comfortable reading the grade level picture books.  In the past I’ve tried to push him, but now I just try to find things that will make him enjoy the story and know that progression will come when he’s ready.  I found this at a book sale and included it in his yearly advent tree (Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest).  We liked it so much that we checked out the ones they have in this series of trickster tales at the library.

Gerald wrote and illustrated these folktales and says, “I celebrate the comic nature of the trickster as troublemaker, resourceful champion, and sometimes fool.”  Raven takes place in the Pacific Northwest, Zomo in Africa, Coyote in the Southwest, Jabuti in the African Rain Forest and my favorite Monkey is from India.  There are a few others in the series as well along with other books about myths and legends.  I’m going to enjoy finding them all.  The stories are multilayered and give us something to discuss and the illustrations are colorful and gorgeous.

If you see these when you’re looking for kids books make sure to take a look.

Although I tend to stress about the slower progress of his reading, Gage never needs our help with math and tested in the 98 percentile in the state.  Guess he gets those genes from his dad 🙂








16 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Gerald McDermott

  1. Mary says:

    Sounds like Gage is doing really well – and I love his smile as he reads his picture book. He’ll get there in his own time which is what I found with my own kids – and they were all on different “clocks” in that regard.

  2. Vicki says:

    I think all kids progress differently in all things and need to go at their own pace. Nothing is fun when you put pressure on them. That’s even true for adults. Gage is getting so big and is so cute! I think you’re doing an amazing job raising him!

  3. Diane says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Gage’s reading at this point. Our 7 y/old granddaughter is the reverse – stronger in reading than in math:) Gage is so handsome; love that pic.

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