This week in slow recovery

We left off last week as I was hurting and swollen and this week, here we are and I’m still a little swollen and pained.  I consider it a plus that this is the first day I haven’t taken any type of painkiller.

Fave pic of the week  IMG_0066

Gage at a school mate’s birthday party.

Best part of my week Being well enough (barely) to volunteer at Gage’s school for their Librarian Challenge party.  The librarian throws a big party at the end of every year for kids who double their reading goal in any quarter.  She has book themed food, crafts and a library scavenger hunt.  I was in charge of the s’more station (as in s’more reading).  This was for the older kids and the younger kids will have a party next week.  I love that the librarian goes all out and the kids feel like they’ve worked hard to earn it.

Worst part of my week  We’ve lived in the Cleveland are for 19 years and have never been to the esteemed Severance Hall to hear the Cleveland Pops.  Friends were going out of town and gave us their tickets for tonight.  Unfortunately, today I’ve been sick and we had to skip it.  I’m sad about it because I was really looking forward to it.

Reading  Very little.  I read a bit on A Ladder to the Sky, but I’ve not been in the mood.  Hopefully, tonight before bed I can read again because it’s a good book!

Listening  I gave up on the audio from last week and started another that I like much better, Michael Koryta’s How I Happened.  I’m halfway through and eager to finish.

Watching on the small screen  Somehow Jason convinced to watch Game of Thrones with him from the beginning.  I’ve watched some of the later seasons so I agreed.  We did Season 1 a month ago and started Season 2 this week.

Plans for the weekend  The next two days are weather dependent because it is supposed to rain but we’d like to go to the Blossom Festival in the next town over.  There are rides, a parade, hot air balloons, etc.   If it rains we’ll all go see Aladdin.  We leave for a short trip to Columbus on Monday that I’ve got to get us ready for.

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