Sundays with Gage – Presidents

Over the years I’ve tried variations of ‘mom school’, but for the most part let it go by the wayside when he started 1st grade over a year ago.  Too much school work and way too many activities. But, well, mom school was never really about hard learning.  It was more for fun time spent learning together – usually both of us.  I like teaching and connecting and learning with my son and decided to bring back mom school.

In December (when we had time) we did 5-10 minutes learning about kids who did amazing things and it was fun.  But with the new year we started something with a little more stretch.  We are spending 5-15 minutes a day to study each President in order.  The first four are pretty easy since big things were happening.  I don’t know how it will hold up over the next 41 (and the 45th? it will take all of the diplomacy this Libra possesses).

img_5211 (2)

So, my goal was to read a book and then choose one thing that we could do.  Jason and I visited Mount Vernon last month and I picked up a book of paper dolls.  It took me more time to cut out George and his stepson and all of their clothes than we actually used them, so not sure that was a win for me, but they are cool.  For John Adams we had a 10 minute drawing contest to see who could draw the best picture of the first White House and then we called Jason in to see who did the best.  I was robbed.  For Thomas Jefferson we read through the two picture books shown Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation and Worst of Friends and then Gage traced from a photo America before Jefferson was President and after the Louisiana Purchase to see what a big deal it was.  James Madison’s book was okay and after we learned that the White House burned to the ground in 1812 Gage went to work burning down the White House he drew  two days earlier, lol.  We also watched a video on the story behind the Star Spangled Banner.

So, as you can see, we aren’t doing anything mentally strenuous here, but it’s nice that we can spend a few minutes together each day reinforcing that knowledge and learning are important.  I want him to remember that learning can be fun and so can his mom (when she wants to be ;)).


17 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Presidents

    • stacybuckeye says:

      You definitely should go back for the paper dolls, lol. I was going to offer them to someone else BUT then we went to the Botanical Garden where different groups decorated different trees and I saw to that actually had paper dolls on them as ornaments, so now I’m hoarding them while my creative juices are flowing 🙂

  1. Les in OR says:

    This sounds like a fun way to learn a little bit about each president. I may have to hit the children’s section at the library and read a few of those books myself! I’m sorely lacking in knowledge about most of the former presidents.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      The good thing about this is that I can read the books fairly quickly the day before so there is very little prep time involved. I’m afraid if I made it any more complicated I wouldn’t be timely.

  2. lakesidemusing says:

    You come up with such great ideas for Mom School! I’m always amazed at how intricate historical paper dolls can be… not sure I would have had the patience to cut them all out. Good luck presenting #45 😉

    • stacybuckeye says:

      If I had realized how hard they were to cut out I probably wouldn’t have bought them! As it is I only cut out the boys. Martha and her daughter and all of their pretty clothes are still in the book, lol.

  3. The Many Thoughts of a Reader says:

    That’s so cool! If he enjoys it and history, my 2nd grader LOVES the Blast to the Past series of books to put a little fiction with fact. Some presidents or other famous historical people are the focus of each book. She’s read about Ben Franklin, Sacajawea, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. etc… which has spun us into factual stuff about them!

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