Hotel House Arrest

IMG_8444I read this article in Town and Country magazine written by Amor Towles  and how he was inspired to write his book about a man sentenced to ‘house arrest’ in the Metropol hotel across from Kremlin. It got me thinking.

If I were put under indefinite house arrest in the hotel of my choice (because in my daydream I’d get to choose :)) which one would I pick?  The rules are that I’d have the run of the hotel and I had to have stayed there already.  So, it would have to have food and preferably a nice lobby and bar to meet new people.  As Towles talks about in the article, the people who come into the hotel are going to be your touch with the outside world, so that’s a consideration too.

After spending a little too long making a list of possibilities last week after I took Gage to school. I made my choice.

Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont.  We were upgraded to a suite and it was my favorite room we’ve ever stayed in.  It was cozy and felt like home.  The food was good and the lobby was gorgeous.  There was also a spa, so that’s a bonus.  The cold weather wouldn’t matter since, hello, I couldn’t leave anyway.  Here are a few pics from our trip there in 2013.


So, what hotel can you see yourself holed up in for an extended period of time?  Can’t wait to see what you choose!