Web of Deceit by Katherine Howell

fpoWeb of Deceit. Finished 1-7-16, rating 4.25/5, suspense, pub. 2009

Unabridged audio 12 hours, 51 minutes. Read by Caroline Lee

When paramedics Jane and Alex encounter a man refusing to get out of his crashed car with bystanders saying he deliberately drove into a pole, it looks like a cry for help. His claim that someone is out to get him adds to their thinking that he is delusional.

Later that day he is found dead under a train in what might be a suicide, but Jane is no longer so sure: she remembers the terror in his eyes.

Detective Ella Marconi shares Jane’s doubts, which are only compounded when the case becomes increasingly tangled. The victim’s boss tries to commit suicide when being questioned, a witness flees their attempt to interview her and a woman is beaten unconscious in front of Jane’s house.

Ella is at a loss to know how all these clues add up and then a shocking turn of events puts even more people in danger.…

What a great way to start my listening year!  I won this last year or maybe even the year before but put off listening because I realized that it was the sixth in a series about Ella Marconi.  I don’t like to jump into the middle of a series, but I’ve been working on Mt. TBR and thought I’d give this one CD to win me over.  That one CD did the job and I was hooked.

The series is based on Detective Ella Marconi and her partner, but has a revolving door of paramedics in each installment.  I didn’t know this and I grew invested in the stories of Jane and Alex.  I’m still not sure how I feel about reading the next one if they’re not in it.  Ella was great and the characters of this suspense were excellent, not a stereotype to be found.  It was fast-paced and I love the way that the story came full circle by the end, excellent plotting.  I doubt that I’m going to go back and read the first 5 in the series, but knowing how good this one is I’m sad that I didn’t start with 1.  If  you are reluctant to start another series I should tell you that, according to Goodreads, there are only 7 in the series, so there is a set number and it’s not too high.

I thought this Aussies series set in the world of paramedics and detectives was really good and would recommend it to lovers of thrillers, mysteries or crime novels.

11 thoughts on “Web of Deceit by Katherine Howell

  1. Kay says:

    I thought I had the first book in this series – Frantic. However, I apparently don’t. I bet I read something about it and meant to pick it up. Well, I’m not buying right now so I’ll keep it in mind. It does sound good.

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I’ve gotten over reading a series in order. Sure, they’re better that way but I just can’t keep up and I’ve found a good series reads just fine out of order. This sounds like a good series!

  3. Literary Feline says:

    This sounds really good, Stacy! It’s good to know the characters vary in the book–it makes it much easier to jump in and out without feeling like I’ve missed too much by not reading them in order.

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