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I turned 8 yesterday! And, yes, I’m giving books away.

IMG_5011This is the advent book tree I made for Gage this year and has nothing to do with my blogiversary, but I think it looks bookish and festive!  I don’t have any big insights to share of my eight years posting here.  According to my stats, this is my 1961st post!  Wow.  I had no idea how fulfilling and time-consuming blogging would be when I started and the years have flown by.  Seriously, it does seem like a throwaway to say that, but when I look at how long I’ve known some of you I can hardly believe it.

I usually give away something to mark the occasion and this year is no different.  My two favorite books that first year were

fpoStephen King’s On Writing.  This is what I said,  I loved this book.  I loved the mix of humor, truth, detail, and brevity.  I have been charmed by a horror writer and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

fpoOrson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. This is what I said, I loved this book.  It was psychological, political, philosophical and just plain fun. 

I’m going to give them both away.  Just leave me a comment and tell me which one (you can say both) you want.  I’ll draw names at the end of the month.  Open internationally.

If you’ve already read these and want me to send them to a friend if you win that’s okay too.  Thanks for supporting my blogging habit over the years!  It’s only because of the friends I’ve made that I’ve made it this long 🙂


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  1. Happy birthday! You’re twice as old as I am. But then, I’m just a baby.

    Comment by snoozing on the sofa | January 8, 2016 | Reply

    • Yes, a baby writing about babies, the best kind 🙂

      Comment by stacybuckeye | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  2. No need to enter me in the giveaway, but I wanted to chime in and congratulate you on eight years … Happy Blogiversary! Time goes by so quickly; it’s hard to believe that I’ve known you for six years.

    Comment by Beth Hoffman | January 8, 2016 | Reply

    • Thank you! It’s an honor to meet such wonderful, bookish people, isn’t it?

      Comment by stacybuckeye | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  3. Happy Birthday. Ender’s Game would be lovely. Thanks. Best wishes for a wonderful 2016.

    Comment by Anne | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  4. Happy blogiversary how exciting. 8 years already wow. Being away from the blog last year made me realise how much I need and want it, very fulfilling indeed. Enjoy.
    No need to enter me in giveaway, thank you for the opportunity though.

    Comment by Tea Time with Marce | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  5. Happy Blogging milestone Stacy! I love your advent tree. Have you always been so creative? I notice it with the many projects u engage Gage in as well. Lucky guy.

    Comment by Diane | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  6. Happy blog birthday to you, dear Stacy….happy….OK I’ll stop. Love the little tree. It is quite festive. May I just say that reading your blog, hearing about your life and Gage and Jason and your reading brings me JOY!! Love it. Congrats and I don’t need any more books, so I’ll skip the giveaway. Hope we can stay in contact for a long, long time! 🙂

    Comment by Kay | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  7. Congrats on 8 years!! My choice would be On Writing – we already have at least one copy of Ender’s Game.

    Comment by Carol | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  8. Has it really been 8 years? That’s crazy! Happy blog anniversary, Stacy! I am so glad you are still blogging. I am glad to count you among my friends. 🙂 No need to enter me in the giveaway.

    Comment by Literary Feline | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! It has been a pleasure getting to know you over these last 8 years! You are one of my first blog friends made in this wonderful journey!

    Comment by Nise' (Under the Boardwalk) | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  10. Congratulations on 8 years! Love the advent book tree!

    Comment by Vicki | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  11. Happy blogiversary! Yours was one of the first blogs I discovered after I started blogging but you were already an old pro by then. No need to enter me.

    Comment by BermudaOnion | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  12. No need to enter me (that darn Gage never picks my name anyway!) but Happy Blogiversary! It has always been a pleasure reading your posts!

    Comment by rhapsodyinbooks | January 9, 2016 | Reply

  13. I still have Ender’s Game on my TBR. Happy birthday! Here’s to many more lovely posts to come!

    Comment by SDCB Steph | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  14. Happy birthday!!! I would like both!

    Comment by mkowalewski | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  15. Happy Blogging Birthday!

    I love your book tree. A local bookshop did something similar a few years ago.

    I’d love to read both those books but I think I’d like to read Ender’s Game more. 🙂

    Comment by clicksclan | January 10, 2016 | Reply

  16. […] If you are interested in winning a book for your mailbox this week you can enter my blogiversary giveaway here. […]

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  17. Happy blogiversary!!! I own both of these, but I’ve only read Ender’s Game (LOVE! And the sequel, but I don’t plan to read further in the series).

    Comment by Word Lily | January 12, 2016 | Reply

  18. Happy 8th, Stacy. And, by the way, I really liked Ender’s Game too. The ending completely took me by surprise.

    Comment by Lloyd Russell | January 13, 2016 | Reply

  19. Happy Birthday to you! How are you and that sweet little Gage?

    Comment by theriverdaughterkj | February 4, 2016 | Reply

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