My Life According to Books 2014

I decided to take up Elyse on her meme since I wanted to sit down and decompress from our whirlwind trip back home for Thanksgiving.  I hope you all had a great day with family and friends.

Use titles from the books you’ve read this year to complete the sentences.

1. Black Friday makes me The Invisible Man (HG Wells)

2. If you post racist jokes on Facebook, I (am not) Missing You (after unfriending) (Harlan Coben)

3. In my ID photo, I look like The Wife, the Maid and the Mistress (Ariel Lawhon)

4. If someone interrupts my reading, (they might find) A Discovery of Witches (Deborah Harkness)

5. When I read/watch the news, I Love Life (Rob Lowe)

6. The last time I visited the zoo, I (saw a) Gift From the Sea (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

7. If I were a Supreme Court Justice, I (would be) American on Purpose (Craig Ferguson)

8. Absolutely nothing compares to That Night (Chevy Stevens)

9. Best advice my mom gave me (be) The Best (wo)Man (Kristan Higgins)

10. My hope for 2015 is (a) Miracle Cure (Harlan Coben)

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