Prospect Street by Emilie Richards

Prospect StreetProspect Street. Finished 9-23-14, rating 4/5, fiction, 498 pages. pub. 2002

In one fell swoop, Faith Bronson loses her marriage, her financial security and her home. Despite the protestations of her father, she moves her family to a run-down town house in Georgetown. As she works on the house and attempts to put her life back together, she begins to discover secrets that have been long buried in the house on Prospect Street. Secrets that will change her family forever…

from Goodreads

I don’t want to give away too much so I won’t tell you why Faith’s marriage broke up, but the beginning of the story that concerned this worried me.  It was not the story I wanted from Richards whose heartfelt novels always leave me satisfied.  But as the story became more about Faith discovering her strength, I became more invested and less worried that it would fall down a rabbit hole I didn’t want to be trapped in.  This book was not in a hurry to get anywhere fast and I loved that. I loved meandering through the lives of Faith, her children, her family, and neighbors.  They each had their own story to tell and a mystery that connected them all.

It felt a little like a throwback, I was surprised that it was published in 2002.  Maybe the topic seemed dated, but I don’t know why because it’s not.  Anyway, I got caught up in the people, the mystery of a kidnapped baby and the rich Georgetown setting. I was reading this on our recent trip to Washington DC and we were planning on spending some time there, but it got late and I was too tired to walk across the bridge.  I love Georgetown and the idea of living in the townhouses there. Love it until, like Faith, I learn that renovations are extensive and expensive in those old homes.

It was a warm story of a woman coming into her own while battling the mysteries of her past.  I was captivated.

This was from my own library.