Valentine’s Day with Gage

This year I was happy to find Shrek Valentine cards, he’s one of Gage’s favorites.  He practiced writing his name on them – with lots of help.


I was invited to his class party where we decorated bags to collect cards and had snacks.  Doesn’t he look so grown up passing out his cards?


After school and lunch with Grandma where we went through his bag, we went to the community center and passed out more Valentine’s Day cards.  I have no pictures of this because I was too busy encouraging and enjoying the fun.  We had extra stickers and on Thursday Gage let me put Fiona on his hand.  As of this morning she was still there.  Must be true love.



We had lots of fun this year and he loved redecorating his Valentine’s with the stickers he received from his teacher.

I hope you all had a day with as much fun!