Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey

Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and PhysicsMaddie on Things. Finished 12-1-13, rating 3/5, photography, 160 pages, pub. 2013

Maddie is a sweet-tempered coonhound who accompanied her owner, Theron, on a yearlong, cross-country trip while he worked on a photojournalism project. In his spare time, Theron took photos of Maddie doing what she does best: standing on things. From bicycles to giant watermelons to horses to people, there really isn’t anything that Maddie won’t stand on with grace and patience. The poignant Instagram photos of this beautiful dog and her offbeat poses have captured the imagination of all those who long for a road trip with a good dog for company. Maddie on Things celebrates the strange talent of one special dog and will resonate with any dog lover who appreciates the quirky hearts (and extraordinary balance) of canines. 

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I saw this book as I was browsing the library and since I had 20 minutes until I had to go and pick up Gage I picked it up and read the Introduction.  This is the part that hooked me…

I would go into the world, traverse all 50 states in 365 days, and meet one person a day, every day.  I wanted to give them a small gift.  I wanted to share that experience I had then I photographed my grandfather and recorded his voice and his stories for the last time.  I wanted to connect with folks and learn to love my neighbors.  To celebrate all of the moments in between, the moments that aren’t graduations and celebrations, all of those mundane everyday moments that really make up a life.

page 2

Yes, he went on to mention that he would be taking his adorable rescue dog, Maddie, but I thought that the book would be about the other stuff he talked about.  It wasn’t.  It’s 300+ cute images of his beloved coonhound in some of the most creative places and poses you can imagine.  Here are a few random pages.


It was a cute book, but there was no introspection or even people.  It is a love letter to his dog and I can appreciate that.  Only I wanted people and the journey.  When I looked it up online it looks like he has the people he met on his website if you are interested. I clicked on a few and it was fun.

If you have a dog lover in your life I’m sure they would love this.  They (and you) will be amazed at what Maddie can do.  Remember that Maddie is a professional and try not to injure your own dog by trying some of these things 🙂