Tom Clancy Quiz – guessing closed

Tom Clancy was a heavyweight in the bestseller department. I read and loved The Hunt for Red October (loved it so much more than the movie) and I’m not sure why I haven’t read another of his books yet.  Let’s see how well you know Tom.

I hope that you’ll try your hand at my (mostly) bookish quizzes every week, but it’s okay if you just want to play when the quiz interests you. If you play you are eligible for a prize at the end of the round. For all of the details, click here. Submit your answers in the comment section – I will stop by and hide them throughout the week but try not to copy off anyone else :)  You have til Sunday to guess.

No need to know all the answers, one guess and you’ll be eligible for a prize. No Googling!

1. Movie?  The Hunt for Red October

2. In which of his books do Iraq and Iran merge and Saddam Hussein is assassinated?  Executive Orders

3. Recurring character?  Jack Ryan

4. Name one of his 3 books not in a series.  Red Storm Rising, SSN, Against All Enemies

5. He played himself on this long running series.  The Simpsons

6. He was part owner of which baseball team?  Baltimore Orioles

7. What show did he compete on in 1997?  Jeopardy

8. How many children did Clancy leave behind?  5

9.Recurring series character that both Live and Willem are playing.  John Clark

10. What 3 actors have played Jack Ryan on film?  Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck