Writers Lost in 2012 Quiz – guessing closed

Tuesday Quizzes are back!!  I hope that you’ll try your hand at my (mostly) bookish quizzes every week, but it’s okay if you just want to play when the quiz interests you.  If you play you are eligible for a prize at the end of the round (sometime in June).  For all of the details, click here.  Submit your answers in the comment section – I will stop by and hide them throughout the week but try not to copy off anyone else 🙂  You have til Sunday to guess.

These writers all died last year.  Oh, and no googling!!! This is just for fun, for pete’s sake!

1. This screenwriter, producer, journalist, and author was responsible for some of my favorite movies (When Harry Met Sally being one) and her 1983 novel Heartburn chronicled some of her married life with Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein.  Nora Ephron 5-19-1941/6-26-12

2. Science fiction found a new voice with the publication of the The Martian Chronicles in 1950.  This powerhouse also wrote a famous book about burning books.  Ray Bradbury 8-22-1920/6-5-2012

3. Who will know where the wild things are now?  Maurice Sendak 6-10-1928/5-8-2012

4. He may be the last of a generation of authors who served in WWII.  His specialty was the historical novel, including titles like Lincoln, Julian, and Burr, but he also wrote many screenplays, including Ben Hur.  Gore Vidal 10-3-1925/7-31-2012

5. One of Ireland’s best-loved writers wrote 16 novels. Her first, Light a Penny Candle (1982), Circle of Friends (1990), and an Oprah book club selection in 1999 being a few favorites.  Maeve Binchy 5-28-1940/7-30-2012

6. Without him people would not know these 7 habits of annoyingly effective people.  Steven Covey 10-24-1932/7-16-2012

7. He died in a car accident while touring for his own book, but he was also a well-known co-author on such books as The Last Lecture as well as books with Captain Sully Sullenberger and Gabrielle Giffords.  Jeffrey Zaslow  10-6-1958/2-10-2012

8. This Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years also wrote the bestseller Sex and the Single Girl in 1962.  Helen Gurley Brown 2-18-1922/8-13-2012

9. This Canadian turned New York writer wrote three collections of essays, all of them winning awards.  David Rakoff  11-27-1964/8-9-2012

10. This motivational speaker wrote See You at the Top and Selling 101.  Plus he has cool initials.  Zig Ziglar 11-6-1926/11-28-2012