It’s Friday so let’s talk about reality tv

I usually try to keep Friday posts to movie topics but I was wondering if I was the only one who watches reality tv?  There are 4 reality shows that I have watched every show of every season.  There are others I’ve tried in the past and maybe lasted a season or two but these are the ones I just can’t give up.

Survivor: Season One - The Greatest and Most Outrageous MomentsSurvivor.  You had me at hello, Jeff Probst.  Watching you skillfully and respectfully navigate through these crazy characters makes me happy.  Some seasons have been better than others but even after 25 seasons I have no intention of giving it up.  Although watching Russell Hantz for three seasons almost made me throw in the towel.

Project Runway: Season OneProject Runway.  I watch this show for the sheer talent of these designers not for any fashion sense I have.  I am always amazed at what they can whip up in a day and then be able to be creative enough to do it day after day.  Tim Gunn such a perfect mentor and I wish he made housecalls!  Season 11 started last night.

Top Chef: New York - Complete Season 5Top Chef.  Just as I am not a fashionista but still love Project Runway, I am not an accomplished chef in any way and I still love this cooking show.  I love Tom Colicchio, the head judge.  This show is addictive and it may even turn you into a bit of a foodie.  We’re in season 9 now and I feel much more confident eating at fine restaurants and even cooking with new ingredients.  It’s inspirational and instructional!

The Voice has only had 3 seasons but I’ve loved them all.  I love the idea of choosing a singer blind and how each of the coaches really mentors their singers.  I think I made it through 3 seasons of American Idol too, but I can see myself sticking with this show.  I’m not a country music fan, but Blake Shelton is so darn nice and Adam Levine isn’t so hard to look at either.

So, admit it, what ‘reality’ shows have you hooked?

17 thoughts on “It’s Friday so let’s talk about reality tv

  1. Mary says:

    I always watch Biggest Loser. The Voice caught my attention with the second season but I missed the 3rd. I’ve watched DWTS a few times. I’ll probably tune into Idol when they’ve narrowed it down to 12.

  2. Lloyd Russell says:

    I completely agree with you on choices 2-4. My wife and I love those last 3. We’ve never gotten into Survivor. We also like some others. We’re addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette – even though they rarely end up together. I guess that one is a guilty pleasure, since there is no skill involved. And we dabble in others – Rachel vs. Guy on the food network and The Taste, which just started on ABC (the jury is out).

  3. Word Lily says:

    I’ve never watched much reality TV. I’ve kind of enjoyed what little Amazing Race I’ve seen, and if we had cable, I think I might watch more Top Chef, but that’s about it for me. I’ve seen DWTS a few times, too, back in the day.

  4. hmsgofita says:

    None. I just can’t do them. I’d probably watch Voice or American Idol if I had a TV signal. I really enjoy the singing ones. But since I don’t have regular TV, I”ve never been able to get into the reality tv. Maybe one day I will!

  5. jennygirl says:

    I’m not sure if I will watch this new season of Survivor. i don’t like or know half of the people coming back. They could have made better choices.

    I gave up on project Runway a few seasons ago, when Gretchen won. That’s was it for me.

    I don’t watch Top Chef, but I like Chopped, and Iron Chef.

  6. Tara says:

    I have been watching The Voice – Blake Shelton is hilarious!

    And I am ashamed to admit this but I actually watch the train wreck that is Keeping Up With th Kardashians. It’s my guilty pleasure show I can’t help it but I’m addicted to it.

  7. thetruebookaddict says:

    I probably watch way too much reality TV, but there are some good ones out there. My favorites are Project Runway, RuPaul’s Drag Race (which, sadly, I do not get LOGO anymore so I’m hoping they will air the episodes online), Face Off (SyFy Channel), Design Star, Dancing with the Stars. Oh God, I’m really a fanatic! I also am a huge fan of the foodie shows. As you mentioned, Top Chef. Also, Chopped, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook off, MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen. I guess I should admit to the one Housewives show I do watch…Real Housewives of Atlanta, but since Kim is not on it anymore, I’m kind of losing interest. LOL! I do like The Voice too. I refuse to watch American Idol. Started boycotting it several years ago. I think their voting system is for the birds. And I lost respect for X Factor when they invited Britney Spears as a judge. Someone with no talent as a vocalist should not be judging other vocalists. Okay, climbing down from my soap box!

  8. Care says:

    I used to love Project Runway – before the whole network change and too many overlapping seasons and I got overwhelmed. Is it good this year? I have never seen an episode of Survivor. I don’t think I’ll be watching an Idol this year, either.
    If FoodNetwork and ESPN or reality-TV, I watch it all the time! ;P

  9. Wrighty says:

    I’ve watched all of these although Survivor is the only one I watch regularly. I agree about Russell Hantz – can’t stand him! I don’t care for his nephew who is on the show again or his brother who was on (and kicked off) Big Brother either. Ick. My hubby watches a lot of the cooking shows. That’s usually when I read!

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