Our Denver/Vail Trip

Jason & I travelled to Denver last Saturday.  We stayed downtown and had a great time.  We walked the 16th Street mall, where Jason spent some time playing chess on the street with locals.  He won 5 out of 6 and had fun strategizing for an audience.  We also visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore and fell in love.  Gave me lots of great ideas for the bookstore I want to open some day.  They have 3 locations in the Denver area.denver- tattered cover

I suppose I should mention that the mile high city did give me a headache that first day, but did better prepare my body for the 8000+ feet of Vail the next day. 

 On Sunday we visited the Denver Botanical Gardens and we thought it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours.  Well worth the time and money.denver- gardens

On Sunday we drove through the mountains to Vail.  It’s about an hour & a half trip and it may be the most beautiful hour & a half road trip ever!  The mountains were gorgeous and awe inspiring. 

Jason had a conference in Vail (nothing like a mostly free vacation!) and it was our first time there.  This was the view when we walked out of our hotel in the village…

vail village

Not a great photo, but I didn’t really take many pictures in the village because I took so many of the surroundings.  Because I was still on east coast time I was up and out before many of the stores opened (this NEVER happens) and walked around where scenes like this greeted me… 

vail mountains

Jason worked business hours, but that left me with mornings of walking and reading and taking way too many pictures and afternoons in the wine bar with my book and a wonderful bartender, Melinda.  When I asked her what she liked to read she pulled a Philippa Gregory book from under the bar.  Thanks for the company, Melinda!

I had a great trip and understand why they call this part of the US God’s Country.  I had a fantastic time.  Here’s one more picture from Betty Ford Park…

vail- bf river