The Widow, by Carla Neggers

Cover ImageFinished 7-5-08, rating 3.5/5, Romantic Suspense, pub. 2007

How would your life change if your husband was murdered four days into your honeymoon?  For Abigail, it changed the course of her career and the obsessed way in which she chose to spend her time.  She became a homicide detective, convinced that she would some day learn enough to find her husband’s killer, but seven years later she was still stuck reliving the past, looking for answers.  Then one day she receives a phone call that sends her back to Maine, where her husband was killed and she still owned a house.

Once in Maine there is a large line-up of potential suspects.  Abigail is familiar with all of them because she has never stopped investigating them.  While fighting for the truth she finds the time to finally heal from her husband’s death and fall in love. 

This was a fun book that will keep you guessing.  Here’s the post on my meeting Carla Neggers

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