How To Be Invisible, by J.J. Luna

Cover ImageFinished 5-14-08, rating 3.5/5, non-fiction, revised 2004

Full title-How To Be Invisible: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal Privacy, Your Assets, and Your Life

“If, in fact, you have ever received a letter or a package at your present address and under your real name, the only way to protect your privacy is to move.”  Chapter 6

This quote is the starting point of every step in this book and if that scares you or makes you shake your head in amusement, you should take a look at this book.  In the few days it took me to read it I felt like not only was Big Brother watching, but so were Giant Daddy, Nosy Momma, and Little Sister.

First, this book is full of ways to make yourself disappear, but also full of stories from people who actually have.  There is information why it is important that no one have your name and correct address (the author has no mailbox) and how to obtain a ghost address.  A Limited Liability Company is one way to protect yourself and the author keeps spares on a shelf.  He suggests using nominees (friends, family) to help you open up bank accounts.  But, even if you do not to any of these things, just reading the book will open your eyes to ways where you might be vulnerable.

There were a couple recommendations that were new to me.  He gives instructions on how to bury ‘treasure’ (whatever that may be to you) in the desert and then how to leave directions after you die.  He also recommends that you raise your children to be self-employed, no college, so that they can always be invisible. 

I was somewhat naive about all the ways the government, companies, people could keep track of me, but not anymore.  I don’t think that the average person can do all or even most of what he suggests.  While I see the benefit, not too many people are willing to live this way unless they are forced to.  It takes a lot of time and effort to make yourself invisible.  If you feel like you need to hide then this is the book for you.  It was a very interesting read.  If you are curious, I’d recommend checking out his website,

One thought on “How To Be Invisible, by J.J. Luna

  1. John Lee says:

    JJ Luna has some e-books that are ideal for this present global recession. The best is “SKIP COLLEGE: Go into business for Yourself.” Even if the “college” part does not apply to you, the “business”part may help you get some extra income.

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