Venice, day 2

We are enjoying Venice very much.  It is a wonderful place to get lost and explore, which we have done.  We visited the Basilica this morning and are moving on to Doges Palace this afternoon.  It is such a charming city and the food is delicious of course.  Jason is happy that there is pizza at every turn.  The city is a maze and it is fun to see what you might happen upon next.  More details later.

3 thoughts on “Venice, day 2

  1. Virginie says:

    Hello you two,
    Nice to hear from you! So glad you are enjoying Venice. Good for Jason they have pizza everywhere. They taste different and so goooooood…Right?
    Don’t miss the other specialties though. What do you think of the people? We want to hear about you first impression in an European country and all the funny story too.
    Have fun and enjoy.

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