venice, day 3

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Venice is a city of walkers.  There are many wonderful aspects to the city, but there being no cars is my favorite.  Because of this it is quiet and all the miles that you normally put on your car go on your feet.  Those miles have finally caught up with my feet.  We are averaging about 10 miles a day!

Today we went on our gondola ride and it was a fun way to see the city.  Our gondolier, Franco, gave us a sense of the history of the city.  We went to Doge’s Palace, where Casanova became famous.  He and his accomplice were the only two people to ever escape. 

Now that siesta is over we are headed out for cappuccino and to try to find the casino.  Tomorrow we head for Florence by train.

3 thoughts on “venice, day 3

  1. jb says:

    We love to read of your adventures in Italy. It sounds like our kind of city, the walking and all. We look forward to hearing about Florence!

  2. Virginie says:

    Happy Birthday Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!Venice sounds like a lovely, romantic city.
    Nice to walk after that long winter we have got.Right? The weather is getting nicer here!! Have fun in Florence.
    Virginie, Eric and Camille.

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