Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim Fay & Charles Fay, PhD

Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six YearsLove and Logic Magic for Early Childhood. Finished 3-5-2013, rating 4.25, 165 pages, pub. 2000

Parenting little ones can be exhausting until you discover Love and Logic. Take the exhaustion out and put the fun into parenting your little one. If you want help with: . Potty training. Temper tantrums. Bedtime. Whining. Time-out. Hassle-free mornings. and many other everyday challenges then this book is for you!  This book is the tool parents of little ones have been waiting for.  America’s Parenting Experts Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D., help you start your child off on the right foot. The tools in Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood will give you the building blocks you need to create children who grow up to be responsible, successful teens and adults. And as a bonus you will enjoy every stage of your child’s life and look forward to sharing a lifetime of joy with them

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I don’t read many how-to parenting books, but Gage has some behavioral issues and another mother recommended this to me.

Here’s what I liked

This really will help make dealing with misbehavior easier.  You let go of the anger by feigning sincere empathy for your toddler/hellion.  After only a few days of trying some of these techniques my blood pressure hasn’t spiked once 🙂

I like the philosophy behind it.  All that love and empathy has to be good, right?

Concrete examples of what to do in a (limited) number of situations/meltdowns.

Very fast and easy read.

Here’s what I didn’t like

The tone was a little patronizing and some of the examples seemed a bit too good to be true.  Not every kid is going to respond to this style and the authors seem unwilling to believe that.

The subtitle says it for ages birth to 6 years, but in reality there is very little here for the under 3 crowd and really nothing for under 2 (except to love your baby without anger and I’m not sure that really needs to be said. At least it shouldn’t).

The bottom line is that I would recommend this for any mom of a toddler.  And I’m not the only one recommending it, I had to wait for it at the library and there are more parents waiting for me to return it!

Free Books for September

Looks, free, giveawayeave a comment, tell me which book you want and I’ll get the book to you for FREE either by mail or personally if I’ll see you soon.  The first one to request each book wins.  Once you’ve ‘won’ the book I can get your shipping address if I need it.  Also, you can come back and get a free book every month if you want. These have all been read a few times, unless stated otherwise.

sept 09 free

1. The Bachelor by Carly Phillips paperback romance that has been read a few times.  for Em

2. The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver  (#2 in the Lincoln Rhyme series)- paperback thriller that has been read a few times.  for Renee

3. Mommy Grace by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman Brand new hardcover non-fiction about erasing Mommy guilt.  for Andrea

4. Stitches by David Small ARC graphic memoir that I read once (it did travel with me to DC on vacation)  for Violet

Thanks for helping me clear my shelves.  Happy reading!