Lies She Told by Cate Holahan

Lies She Told by Cate Holahan. 3.5/5 stars. Thriller. 304 pages, 2017

Liza Cole, a once-successful novelist whose career has seen better days, has one month to write the thriller that could land her back on the bestseller list. Meanwhile, she’s struggling to start a family, but her husband is distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick. As stresses weigh her down in her professional and personal lives, Liza escapes into writing the chilling exploits of her latest heroine, Beth.

Beth, a new mother, suspects her husband is cheating on her while she’s home caring for their newborn. Angry and betrayed, she aims to catch him in the act and make him pay for shattering the illusion of their perfect life. But before she realizes what she’s doing, she’s tossing the body of her husband’s mistress into the East River. from Goodreads

There was a lot going on in this thriller about an author struggling to have a baby with her husband. There were two alternating storylines, one the author Liza, the other the main character of her latest book Beth.

I listened but wouldn’t recommend the audio. I found it somewhat difficult to keep track of who I was listening to as I drove. The storylines were interesting, but the whirlwind of the last few chapters left me feeling like there was just too much to take in. I’d give it a solid 3.5 stars.

This was a BOTM selection a few years ago. Did you read it?

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