This Week – First Sleepover

Gage had his first sleepover with a friend this last week. He’s spent nights away from us before, but always with family, so this was a big step. We all went over there for dinner and were visiting over dessert when Gage says, “I thought you guys were going home.” Needless to say he had a great time and the boys are already planning their next night of fun.

All of the Christmas decorations have been put away, gluten has been avoided, homeschool has resumed and Gage is testing for the next belt in tae kwon do this week, so all is well so far this new year.

Books read this week – 8

Reviewed On Tyranny here. Loved and highly recommend.

Finished The Honeys and will get the review up soon. What a trip!

I already have a 5 star kids picture book, nonfiction.

Just Being Dali was a fantastic book with excellent illustrations. The recurring theme was no matter what people said Salvador Dali just kept being himself. This was one of those quick reads when we studied Spain this week.

On the Screen

Both were fun. My favorite quote came from detective Benoit Blanc, “It’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth.”


January is National Puzzle Month and we’ve finished two so far, totaling 2000 pieces. Not bad!

Plans for the weekend

Tomorrow is the Friends of the Library Board yearly audit for my tine as treasurer. I have so much to organize and finish for that today. I can’t wait to hand over this responsibility. Numbers and money are just not my thing and managing non profit status and taxes on top of making deposits, writing checks and presenting monthly reports has not been fun. This year I’m the VP and in charge of book sales, both of which are completely in my wheelhouse.

What are you up to this weekend?