This Week – Vampires, Michael Jackson and Very Tired Eyes

That’s my vampire and his friend Michael Jackson trick or treating on a beautiful Sunday night. As has happened the last three years, our street set up outside before the city trick or treating began to spoil the kids. Gage turned 12 a few weeks ago (So hard to believe. I’m still in denial) so I wonder how many more years we have left for this duo.

What I’ve read this week

I’ve been reading for Cybils judging, my first time being a first round judge, and it’s no joke! I’ve read 81 books in the last month or so, with 98 more to go this month. And I’m reading books with Gage for homeschool. No idea how long it will take for my eyes to recover, lol.

I posted about my favorite October reads here, but I’ll post about my Cybils reading after the judging is over.

On the screen

Jason and I watched Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix last night and it was fun to see the cast back on screen.

Plans for the week

I’m working at the midterms on Tuesday. Please be extra kind to your poll workers 🙂

4 thoughts on “This Week – Vampires, Michael Jackson and Very Tired Eyes

  1. Lesley says:

    81 books?! Wow! Good for you, Stacy. And thank you for volunteering to be a poll worker. I hope all goes smoothly for you and that you don’t encounter any angry people.

    Enola Holmes 2 is one my husband and I are looking forward to watching, now that the World Series is over.

  2. Gofita says:

    I love Gage’s costume! They both look great. That’s a lot of books. Way to go!
    We all watched Enola one and two together a few weeks ago. So good. Gabe loved them.
    I can’t believe Gage is 12! Gabe turns 14 in a couple of months….where does the time go. He still went trick or treating this year with a friend. I hope he keeps wanting to go for a bit.

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