This Week – For the Birds

Have you have had a bird eat out of your hand? Gage went to his weekly Nature Kids Adventures and the coordinator sent me this pic. He had 12 chickadees visit his hands and he is begging Jason and I to take him back so that we can all try it. I love this group and also appreciate the 3 hour break I get from homeschooling and the time that Gage gets to spend with other kids during the school day 🙂

Gage had his first appointment with the orthodontist this week. He wants to remove two permanent teeth before putting on braces. I’ve never heard of this being a thing and I’m not sure about it. I’ll be looking for a second opinion before going forward. Have you had to do this?

Books read this week in the order I liked them best

Loved this story of a thief going home because his serial killer brother on death row needed him.
Loved this fast paced (at least until the end) thriller.
This is one of a series of beautiful picture books about animals and their threated environment with actionable things for kids to do to help. I hope to get them all!
Our second picture book for Earth Day this year and it was more informative than I’d hoped. I my have even assigned weekend homework from it 😉
I love Tommy and Tuppence and this final book in the series also happened to be Agatha Christie’s last book written before she died. It was meandering and showed her ages, but since T&T were also in their 80s it kind of fit.

Currently reading


We started watching the new Harlan Coben Netflix series, Hold Tight, last night but the wifi was too glitchy for us to get very far. Maybe tonight!

We’re watching the first season of Ghosts and still watching the current season of Survivor.

Puzzles finished

Plans for the weekend

We’re headed to a county maple festival today. What are you up to this weekend?

6 thoughts on “This Week – For the Birds

  1. Cindy Davis says:

    Wow, love that puzzle, looks like it would be hard. I finished a Friends puzzle that had a lot of oddly shaped pieces, one of the most difficult puzzles I have done.

  2. Lesley says:

    How cool is that to have a bird eat out of your hand!! Gage must have been thrilled.

    I enjoyed Falling, too. I listened to the audio, which was quite intense!

    Marvelous puzzle! Our current puzzle is very challenging and slow-going.

  3. William says:

    Postern of Fate is a fascinating Agatha Christie mystery. I taught a course on the short story collection, Partners in Crime about the married couple, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. The stories are available to watch on You Tube. As you mentioned in your brief review, Tommy and Tuppence are the only Christie detectives who actually age . In “Postern of Fate” the couple are in their early 80s. Very entertaining.

  4. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    Oh my! I’ve never had a bird eat out of my hand. I’m envious.

    I remember hearing people that had permanent teeth removed before orthodontics long ago, but I didn’t realize they still did this. I will ask my brother-in-law who does orthodontic work about this.

  5. Gofita says:

    I love me some Harlan Coben series’! Can’t wait to start this one.
    I love that pic with Gage. Awww. So happy you get a break and he gets some great experiences outdoors and with other kids.

    That is weird about the orthodontist wanting to take the permanent teeth. Which ones? I’d definitely get a second opinion.

    Now I want to read Falling and see why you didn’t love the ending!

    Another pretty puzzle! I love that you have a subscription for fun ones to come. I’m still working on the ones from Christmas. lol.

    Gabe has some minor surgery this weekend so we will be relaxing on the couch and watching movies…

    I hope you enjoy the festival! Sounds lovely.

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