The Wall by Eve Bunting

The Wall. Written by Eve Bunting. Illustrated by Ronald Himler. 32 pages, published 1992.

This is a fictional boy’s first person account of visiting the Vietnam War Memorial with his dad. The emotion portrayed was palpable and reading it slow let it all sink in. Not filled with facts or details but the heaviness of what war leaves behind.

For us, because we’d been talking about protests, this was the perfect time to read this one. We watched a few videos of actual war protests and how important they were. Here’s a short one I found to be helpful for kids. I found it interesting that the reporter called for more law and order until the police came for him.

Gage’s thoughts…

This book is sad because is shows people who died.

My connection to the wall is that my Grandpa fought in the war, but luckily he didn’t die.

I liked this book and recommend it to anyone who likes to learn.

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