Reading with Gage

Gage is reading Wonder with his class.  It’s slow going for him and we struggle.  On the weekends we’re going with shorter books, but trying to stay in the chapter book area.  One stuck out for me and let me tell you why…

IMG_E3432 James Moody, or Stink, is tired of being Judy Moody’s little brother (Judy has her own series and this is the first of the Stink series).  He has her measure him every day to see if he has grown and one day he realizes that he had shrunk a quarter inch. His gym teacher tells him this is normal in the course of a day, to shrink a bit as gravity and our own weight take it’s toll on our body (honestly, I had no idea!).  Anyway, during this whole period of Stink being afraid he was really shrinking he gets to take the class pet home for the weekend, Newton the newt.  His sister convinces him that the water in the tank needs to be changed and the two head to the sink where somehow Newt escapes down the drain.  This is what happens next


That’s right, the GRRRRRRR! was Newton getting ground up like dinner leftovers.  I cannot even tell you how much I expected Newton to somehow make some miraculous return showing that he escaped the blades, but no, it was not to be.  This becomes known as the G.D.I. (Garbage Disposal Incident) and I’m still mourning Newt.  I think he deserved better.

Gage doesn’t really care about reading more about Stink, thank goodness.  I don’t know how many of these incidents I could take.  Have you ever read of another pet being ground up in the garbage disposal or is Newt the first one?