Tommy and Tuppence

A few years ago I signed up for the reading challenge where I thought I was going to read all the Agatha Christie novels.  In order of publication.  Yes, 80 of them including her short story collections.  I didn’t get very far, but I remember reading the first Tommy and Tuppence book, The Secret Adversary, and loving it.  So, my own challenge to myself was to read the rest of those.  After reading two last month I only have one left.

Title: Partners in Crime (Tommy and Tuppence Series), Author: Agatha Christie Partners in Crime. Finished 9/2019, 4.25/5 stars, mystery, 347 pages, pub. 1929

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford were restless for adventure, so when they were asked to take over Blunt’s International Detective Agency, they leapt at the chance. After their triumphant recovery of a pink pearl, intriguing cases kept on coming their way: a stabbing on Sunningdale golf course; cryptic messages in the personal columns of newspapers; and even a box of poisoned chocolates.  from Goodreads

They’ve been married six years and Tuppence is bored.  Tommy still works for the agency, but Tuppence wants more out of her life.  And, out of nowhere, an opportunity to aid their country appears and the two become sleuths, ‘owners’ of their own detective agency.  This was a series of short mysteries they solved, each while taking on the persona of a classic detective.  It was fun.

Title: N or M? (Tommy and Tuppence Series), Author: Agatha Christie N or M. Finished 9/2019, 4.25/5 stars, mystery, 304 pages, pub. 1941

The final words of the dying man…the code names of Hitler’s most dangerous agents…the mysterious clue that sends Tommy and Tuppence to a seaside resort on a mission of wartime intelligence. But not as husband and wife. As strangers, meeting by chance, setting an elaborate trap for an elusive killer.  from Goodreads

Tommy and Tuppence are older, with grown children now.  Tommy is asked to go north to investigate potential wartime spies, solo this time.  Tuppence doesn’t take kindly to this and as Tommy arrived at the inn he finds her already ensconced with a new identity.  I loved the seaside inn setting and loved their kids having no clue as to how their parents serve their country.



7 thoughts on “Tommy and Tuppence

  1. Literary Feline says:

    I really enjoy Agatha Christie’s books, although it’s been a long while since I last read something by her. I haven’t read many of her Tommy and Tuppence stories, I don’t think.

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