Guardians of Being by Eckart Tolle and Patrick McDonnell

Title: Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings from Our Dogs and Cats, Author: Eckhart Tolle Guardians of Being. Finished 8-27-19, 5/5 stars, 228 pages, pub. 2009

This wonderfully unique collaboration brings together two masters of their fields, joining original words by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle with delightful illustrations by Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. Every heartwarming page provokes thought, insight, and smiling reverence for all beings and each moment.

More than a collection of witty and charming drawings, the marriage of Patrick McDonnell’s art and Eckhart Tolle’s words conveys a profound love of nature, of animals, of humans, of all life-forms. Guardians of Being celebrates and reminds us of not only the oneness of all life but also the wonder and joy to be found in the present moment, amid the beauty we sometimes forget to notice all around us.   from Goodreads

I adore this book.  A beautifully written and illustrated book about the profound nature of animals and how our lives are better when we celebrate the pets in our lives.  This is a picture book with heartwarming insight.  “Just watching an animal closely can take you out of your mind and bring you into the present moment, which is where the animal lives all the time…surrendered to life.”   This is a perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.  I plan on buying a few copies for gifts and one for myself 🙂

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