My Dinner List

Yesterday I shared my thoughts about The Dinner List, a book based on a birthday dinner where the attendees (living or dead) were chosen by the birthday girl.

Jason and I had a date night last night and we discussed our own choices for over an hour.  After we filled up our first table, we also started a B table, lol.

My birthday dinner wish list – Jason (I want to be able to talk with someone about the dinner when it’s over!) Jesus, Thich Nhat Hanh, Michelle Obama, Jimmy Stewart.  So, I took way too much time considering my table.  Seriously.  Jimmy Stewart could have been any of my favorite movies stars from the black and white era, but he was chosen because I thought he’d get along with the rest of the table, even now I’m second guessing not choosing Cary Grant.  Just typing that makes me laugh.  Start this discussion on your next date night with a few glasses of wine and you’ll see how fun it can be.

Jason’s table – me, Clinton Woolsey (Jason’s great-grandfather. Click on his name to read his wiki page), George Washington, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet.

We started a B table and started with Katherine Hepburn, Raphael Nadal, Stephen King…that’s as far as we got before our movie started.

So, let’s see YOUR list.  If you post about it leave a link and I’ll add it to this post.  But even if you don’t I still want to hear who is coming to your dinner!  Who knows maybe someone on your list will convince me to change mine!