This Week featuring bug bites and heat

Fave pic of the week

IMG_0575 Oh, he is so proud of this sign.  Our county library system is giving them to patrons who signed up for the summer reading program.  He still struggles, but with extra effort we are able to stay afloat.

Best part of the week  I had coffee with a long time friend?  As I look back at my week that’s the only thing that stands out.  And that is enough because she is always good company.  Our boys were at camp together this week.

Could’ve been better  Hm.  Gage had three wonderful days at camp, out in the woods at a farm and then came home with bug bites covering his body, most turning into angry welts by Thursday morning.  The worst one is still swollen now, two days later.  So, out of an abundance of caution he stayed home the last two days.  In our house that has been without AC all week.  It’s midnight and 82 in here right now 😦

Reading  I’ve spent quality time with all three of these books this week…

The Dinner ListEat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root…Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfu…

Listening  Okay, as some stay at home moms know, camp or school is time you have have already scheduled for yourself.  I am greedily listening to Fangirl in the car and when Gage stayed home the last two days that meant an hour each day that I didn’t have to finish.  I love it and I’m thisclose to finishing.

Watching on the big screen Gage and I went to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 today at the theater, mainly to escape the heat.  It was cute.

Watching on the small screen  Jason and I finished up season 3 of Game of Thrones a few days ago.  I have season 4 checked out of the library so we’ll probably start next week.

Plans for the weekend  Gage has swimming in the morning and Jason and I have a wedding reception.  My parents are out of town so we had to find a sitter for the first time in three years!  When Gage was a wee baby I had two sisters who live two houses away come over for a few hours at a time to give me some non-Gage time.  Well, their little sister is now old enough to babysit 🙂  Gage is excited and so am I.  I saved up my gluten and sugar day for all the wedding cake I can eat!